Why choose us


A number of factors contribute to Smoke / Fire detection and Gas Suppression systems not being maintained and purely installed in order to achieve building occupation at the construction phase. There are many systems that are installed and then left in a silent or disabled mode or even worse, switched off entirely. This takes away the result of alarms but does not address the actual cause of such alarm.

  • With a system being in a disabled/silent mode or switched off, it leaves the site vulnerable as devices that are disabled do not trigger alarms. More importantly, the life safety interfacing built into the fire rational design will not operate, this includes HVAC, Extraction, homing of lifts etc
  • On many occasions when a technician arrive on site for a service call or maintenance they find that the system is in a vulnerable state, full of faults and in alarm with no action taken, log books are not completed and the maintenance company is not made aware of the status on site.
  • The main factor behind systems being disabled/silent or switched off is humans who do not realize what the result of such actions can be.
  • With new technology coming into play it makes it easy to take away the on site human responsibility to make decisions, this can now be placed in the hands of the responsible person as appointed by the client in line with SANS10139
  • The above will also ensure that the list of responsible persons are accurately updated in line with staff changes, this is usually left and never updated, it is, however a critical link in ensuring that proper action is taken when a fire alarm is triggered
  • In order to ensure that Smoke/Fire Detection systems provide the functions they are designed to do the following services are provided in this solution:
  • Through the graphics package we can monitor the spread of a fire and provide authorities with information that will assist them in attending to a fire condition effectively
  • Monitoring of faults and conditions on site, silencing the panel and contacting the site to investigate and report back
  • Monitoring of panel status on site, if panels are switched off the necessary authorities are informed
  • Minimizing the rate of false alarms and ensuring that the false alarms are eliminated before they become an irritation to staff, visitors, patrons etc. Panels and sounders are silenced and security persons on site are requested to investigate and report back. If there is a device that causes false / nuisance alarms this can be disabled until a technician is available to assist.
  • Any action that affects the integrity of the system is logged and followed up on
  • Proactive action be taken during on site events (use of smoke machines / grillers)
  • Proactive and responsible action taken during construction or minor alterations (We pick up as soon there are any changes made on site or damage to structures that affects the system i.e. Ceiling tiles and interfacing)
  • We are in the position to monitor statuses of any devices that can provide a contact (ie. Lifts, sprinkler systems, HVAC, Vents, Fans etc.)
  • We confirm if systems are installed in line with drawings and that all devices are programmed in line with specifications, we also monitor the maintenance of the installed systems in order to confirm that the system integrity is maintained even after it is handed over after installation.
  • Exact causes of faults can now easily be investigated ie. Water damage, cable damage, malicious damage as faults are investigated as they occur and the information is captured in an observation book.
  • Reports on systems are sent to the relevant responsible persons should an event occur, ensuring that the system is maintained and faults repaired. This will minimize costly repairs at a later stage.