About us

Our Vision

Our Vision is to uplift the integrity of the Smoke Detection Industry through providing a monitoring system that is designed around systems being installed in line with the SANS10139 regulations, the monitoring of the systems on a 24h basis is key in keeping the responsible persons informed of the system status.

About Intego Monitoring Solutions

  • Combined, the management team have over 50 years’ experience in Smoke / Heat Detection and we are proud to be involved in a number of prestigious projects Country wide
  • Intego Monitoring Solutions believe that main objective behind the installation of a detection system should be life safety. If a building burns down, for whatsoever reason and an occupied building can be evacuated in time, it means that the system worked and fulfilled its purpose.
  • It is however also important to ensure that investments are protected and that there are little or no business interruptions. Intego, through the monitoring of smoke detection and related systems assist with this, ensuring that all events are attended to and relevant persons informed of status.
  • Intego Monitoring Solutions have investigated a number of communication methods and have standardised on a ruggadised unit that can be installed in even remote locations providing a monitoring solution where the status and strength of the connection can be confirmed at all times